Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodels

Your kitchen is the single most important and used space in the home.  Do not hire just anyone or the least expensive general contractor to handle a remodeling project of this magnitude.  Trust Reliance Builders to build your dream kitchen right the first time!

Reliance Builders is a one stop shop for planning, designing, building and moving into your new kitchen.  We partner with talented local interior designers who are great at listening to their clients’ needs and implementing them into the design plans.  Our team of architects, engineers, material suppliers and trade partners will lend a hand to making your dream a reality.

You may bring in your own designer if preferred.  We are happy to work along side them if it makes sense for all parties.  And of course we are happy to give connections to any supply companies we work with.

Bathroom Remodels

  • Ample expertise in building amazing bathrooms and en-suites.
  • Bring your own design and interior designer OR we will bring in our team to turn this “bathroom” into a Sanctuary!
  • We receive good feedback on all of our work including bathrooms because of the necessity to pay attention to the details.  Bathrooms are typically small spaces packed with detail and beauty, you need to hire the right company to make that a reality.
  • Small spaces however generally strong budgets still needed to build these complex jobs.

Our 7-Step Process from Basic Concept to Moving Into Your New Space

  1. Meet & greet to walk the job and understand your needs
  2. Give general range of pricing for understanding budget, enter into a design agreement
  3. Bring in all necessary people to create a solid concept design/plan, present detailed estimate of costs
  4. Sign agreement and estimate
  5. Finalize plans and submit for permits
  6. Build the job
  7. Move in and start enjoying your newly remodeled home!

“Jon and his team did such fantastic job on my kitchen remodel! It’s the first remodel I’ve ever done and it did not come without problems. Jon and his team were extremely professional and worked through the issues. Everyone that came in to do work was friendly and professional- I can not give enough praise to them. Jon was careful not to miss a detail and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

“I feel we were so lucky to have Jon with Reliance Builders as our contractor for our kitchen remodel. He was an excellent communicator and always dealt with problems as they arose with such positivity and promptness. Because he is so great to work with, he has a great group of subcontractors that are top notch.”


The underlying theme of home renovations, especially when the client chooses to continue living in the home during construction is:

IT SUCKS!  Homeowners and construction zones are not designed by the laws of human nature to co-exist, just like mixing oil and water.  It is stressful to both the client and contractor, but the difference with us and many other companies is…

WE CARE!  and we take on a lot of that stress as needed so that the client can continue to live in the home (only for certain projects of course).  We understand the feeling of intrusion and natural tension it can cause.  Just know that we get it… we have been through it ourselves and we work hard with our clients to set good expectations and efficiently move through the building process.

At times, we will require the client move out of the home, however this will be a part of the conversation prior to starting the project, because we believe that setting solid expectations is paramount to running a successful job. We try hard to not over-promise and under-deliver!

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority

If you have a home improvement project, then we want to talk with you. Give us a call today at 303-260-8529, or complete the form and we will get in touch with you.