Additions & Pop Tops

We are a full-service residential construction company specializing in additions, remodels, and custom home building projects.  We are seasoned builders in all aspects of residential construction, and our goal is simply to “give YOU what YOU want”.  We work alongside other industry experts including architects, engineers, and interior designers so we can truly be your “one stop shop” for your next home improvement project.

It’s no secret: in many ways the construction industry as a whole is still broken.  Every other day it seems someone is telling us another horror story about this contractor who did this, another contractor who stole that and yet another contractor who disappeared with your money or significantly under-performed.  Frankly, it’s ridiculous and unfortunate, but the horror stories are real.  And WE LISTEN. It is our mission to help bring back integrity and respect to the industry, one project at a time.  Our goal is always to over-deliver, not over-promise.  We want to represent the industry well, and we care about your home and the quality of our work!


  • Add onto your home horizontally (standard addition), vertically (pop top) or even dig down and finish a basement if necessary.
  • Full-service design help available as we partner with great Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers and all the other necessary pieces and parts to make your vision a reality.
  • Hire someone that can navigate through all the red tape of a local jurisdiction to make sure your plan is designed right the first time, to code and to laws of the local jurisdiction.
  • Working with a General Contractor on a large project like like a home addition means building a great working relationship.  Wouldn’t you rather experience partnership/friendship over friction and contentiousness?

Our Strengths

  • Over 25 Years of Construction Experience
  • Detail Oriented
  • Commitment to Proactive Communication
  • Intention on building relationships not just building and running
  • Being flexible and easy to work with
  • 2-Year Warranty on Workmanship
  • Professional & Efficient Problem Solvers
  • Strong Organizational & Leadership Qualities
  • Family Owned & Operated Since 2012

“Reliance Builders of Colorado completed a home remodel for us in the Spring of 2019. Jon and his crew were true professionals, they completed the job on time, were punctual, and very communicative. The quality of work is superior and we feel very fortunate to have found Jon and his crew. I would recommend Reliance Builders of Colorado without hesitation.”

“Jon and his team were great. He stuck to the schedule he provided before the job began, walked me through what was going on each day, and finished the job early. the remodel looks great and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be using Reliance Builders for all of my future projects.”


The underlying theme of home renovations, especially when the client chooses to continue living in the home during construction is:

IT SUCKS! Homeowners and construction zones are not designed by the laws of human nature to co-exist, just like mixing oil and water. It is stressful to both the client and contractor, but the difference with us and many other companies is…

WE CARE! and we take on a lot of that stress as needed so that the client can continue to live in the home (only for certain projects of course). We understand the feeling of intrusion and natural tension it can cause. Just know that we get it… we have been through it ourselves and we work hard with our clients to set good expectations and efficiently move through the building process.

At times, we will require the client move out of the home, however this will be a part of the conversation prior to starting the project, because we believe that setting solid expectations is paramount to running a successful job. We try hard to not over-promise and under-deliver!

Your Satisfaction is our Top Priority

If you have a home improvement project, then we want to talk with you. Give us a call today at 303-260-8529, schedule a phone consultation, or complete the form and we will get in touch with you.